You are a person, not a product Steckerhalter's ƛ

In this post I’m explaining why I’m going to close down my Twitter account in favor of the Mastodon social network.

Why exactly is Twitter (or Facebook etc.) providing services to us? It’s their business. They want to make money off of us. Users are their asset.

They do not strive to make it a good place for you and me, but a good place for their business interests, a good place to let us see ads for example. Twitter does not see you as a person, but as a product.

It’s all a big machinery that strives to maximize profit. There’s nothing personal or friendly about it. It’s a harsh, unforgiving and relentless environment.

Is that how the internet was supposed to work? That we all end up in the fangs of greedy businesses because we would like to interact online?

I hope not. What we need to do to get the personal web back, is to abandon the corporate services and replace them with decentralized ones where we can continue to communicate without all of this ugly stuff that comes primarily with monetization.

We call this new personal web the open web because you are not locked into using a service from company X or Y. The Mastodon network is one such example which is similar to Twitter in its appeal.

My Mastodon experience has been great so far and I’m getting to know people there in a way that would have never been possible on Twitter.

As I’m shutting down my Twitter account you could follow my example and try Mastodon for yourself. You can find me on the instance if you’d like to have a word… cheers.