Email is not a todo list Steckerhalter's ƛ

Let’s see if I can make your life a bit easier today. I want to address email and how you deal with your email. And how it is more of a nuisance for you than it should be.

Like most people you have a mailbox at your house where the postman delivers letters. Probably once a day you check if new letters have arrived. If you see some new ones, you take them out and empty the mailbox.

That’s exactly how your email inbox could work. So instead of letting the mails lie in your inbox you would empty the inbox each time you noticed some new “letters”.

The process would go something like this:

There are many benefits from this process:

As a result of this you feel better alltogether.

Now you might ask: But what kind of todo list/system should I use? I will cover this topic in another post.