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You are a person, not a product

In this post I’m explaining why I’m going to close down my Twitter account in favor of the Mastodon social network.

The best terminal font

I have long tried to find the best-looking font to be used with the terminal or my favorite editor Emacs, but none of all the options look as good to me as the traditional misc fixed font from the server.

Syncthing for the win

For a long time I had my own server running Nextcloud to sync my files to other computers and mobile devices. It was working quite well. But what if you don’t have your own server? What if you don’t want to use a server?

Email is not a todo list

Let’s see if I can make your life a bit easier today. I want to address email and how you deal with your email. And how it is more of a nuisance for you than it should be.

Gnome Desktop UX Review

I have been working with Debian GNU/Linux (yes, GNU to acknowledge what Richard Stallman has done and is still doing to free us from proprietary software) as my desktop (or laptop) OS for many years now and I’m very happy with it.

Edititing files with Emacs via ssh and sudo

Emacs has pretty impressive remote file editing capabilites through tramp.el (Transparent Remote Access, Multiple Protocol) – especially via ssh. It is even possible to use git on a remote server through Emacs.

Shell commands with GNU sed

sed is useful to replace some text on the fly. But how about processing text on the fly with shell commands instead of just replacing it with fixed content?

ssh Agent Forwarding

Quite often it is necessary to ssh via an intermediate host if the destination host is not directly accessible through ssh. Usually people do this:

ssh user@host1
ssh host2
# you'll have to enter your password

Google Fu

In years of googling have learned a few things. Most importantly:

Most people don’t know how to google efficiently

And this makes all the difference today, whether you are trying to learn, fix a problem, find a new job, flat or car. Good googling helps you in your job, it helps you with your hobby, your research, your studies - in short: everywhere.

Finding unicode symbols on the shell

Sometimes I want to know if there is a unicode symbol for a certain topic. There is a convenient tool on the command line that allows to do exactly that. For example to find something regarding computer:

$ unicode computer
UTF-8: f0 9f 92 bb UTF-16BE: d83ddcbb Decimal: 💻 Octal: \0372273
Category: So (Symbol, Other)
Bidi: ON (Other Neutrals)

UTF-8: f0 9f 96 a5 UTF-16BE: d83ddda5 Decimal: 🖥 Octal: \0372645